• This year LM PTA is partnering with a *new fundraising company called Meadow Farms Fundraising. 


    CANDLES                        GIFT WRAP                         HOME DECOR

    candles  giftwraphomedecor

    You can shop online directly at this site:  https://shop.meadowfarms.com/index.asp?PID=3047831

    Ordering Deadline is December 13, 2021.

    Interested in selling to friends and family, then follow this link (and follow instructions for setting up your own online store):   https://www.lmtsd.org/cms/lib/PA01000427/Centricity/Domain/26/MeadowFarmsFundraising2021.pdf.pdf

    *Yankee Candle is no longer available for fundraising so we are trying this new company.

    Note:  Packets with more information were sent home via Pine Road School.  Please note all schools are participating and all schools will benefit.

    Please contact us at lowermorelandpta@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

Last Modified on November 16, 2021