• Is IST the same as Special Education?

              No.  The purpose of IST is to provide interventions in the regular education setting in order to avoid the need for special education.  Through these interventions, we are looking to provide the student with what is neeeded to be successful while remaining in the general education setting.


    Will other students or teachers know my child is in IST?

            IST information is made available on an as-needed basis.  This means that if a child has a specific support that would need to be carried out in a setting other than their homeroom, then the teacher involved in that setting would need to be made aware of the IST support.  Peers in the classroom are not made aware of the educational needs of their classmates, whether they are involved in IST or not. 


    Will my child remain in IST throughout Pine Road and beyond?

          Not necessarily.  The goal of IST is to provide direct interventions to support a need.  If a student continues to need these interventions, then IST will continue to monitor their growth and success with supports.  Often, students will internalize the supports into their own learning and IST will no longer need to be actively involved.  However, a child is entitled to the supports of IST throughout their career at Lower Moreland, and the IST will monitor student success as long as there is a need.


    Is IST the same as an IEP?

           No.  An IEP is established as a result of a need that is beyond what the general education classroom can provide.  An IEP comes as a result of an evaluation by our school psychologist.  If the IST feels that an evaluation is warranted after trialing interventions, the parent would be part of the discussion and would need to provide written consent before an evaluation occurs.  The parent is ALWAYS part of the process.


    Can I contact the IST Specialist in the building if I have a concern for my child's learning?

           Absolutely!  We welcome input from parents at all times and fully recognize the importance of parents being an active part of our team.  Children's behaviors, including learning behaviors, social/emotional behaviors, etc. can be different in the home setting, and the team needs and encourages that perspective in order to fully understand the needs of the child.  


    My child seems unorganized.  She can't find her homework and leaves her books in school.  Can IST help?

         Yes!   Organization is definitely something we can help with!


    Who can I contact to inquire about IST for my child?

         Your first line of communication should always be with your child's teacher.  Together, you can often come up with a plan that will work, and the teacher should be aware of any concerns you have.  However, if you prefer, you can contact the IST Coordinator, Mrs. McGuigan, at jmcguigan@lmtsd.org or call 215-938-0290 ext 6016.  


Last Modified on September 30, 2021