Please note that we will not be sharing school supplies and I am asking that all "non-cleaning items" be clearly labeled with your child's name.  

    Required School Supplies:

    - 12 (or more) yellow #2 pencils sharpened before school starts (label individually with your child's name)

    - 1 package of Elmer's gluesticks (label individual gluesticks and lids with your child's name) - they go through a lot of gluesticks throughout the year!  

    - child safety scissors (label with your child's name)

    - Crayola 24-pack crayons (label individual crayons with your child's name)

     - 1 package of black, thin Expo dry erase markers (not ultra-fine, please) (label individually with your child's name) 

    - 1 clean sock (to be used as an eraser for your child's whiteboard) or other whiteboard eraser (label with your child's name)

    - 1 clear plastic shoebox with lid (this can be found at the Dollar Tree) - this will be used to house individual school supplies (label the box with your child's name)

    - playdough (your choice of color) - (students can go through as much as 1 canister every 1-2 months as they dry out) (label with your child's name) *We use playdough very frequently in Kindergarten!  You may want to send in 1-2 canisters to start the year.  I will let you know when/if you need to send more in.

    - 1 backpack (no wheelies) (label with your child's name)

    - 1 lunchbox (please practice with your child so he/she can open all food containers independently) (label with your child's name)

    - 1 canister of Lysol or Clorox wipes (I may ask for more later in the year)

    - 1 pair of headphones to use with iPads (label with your child's name) - please do NOT get earbuds

    - 1 bottle of hand sanitizer (I may ask for more later in the year)

    - 1 roll of paper towels

    - 1 box of gallon or quart ziploc bags (please get the bags with the slider top to help students open and close the bags independently)

                (If your last name starts with A-L consider getting quart size.  If your last name starts with M-Z consider getting gallon size.)

    - 1 change of clothes in a ziploc bag (label with your child's name)

    - 1" white 3-ring binder (please make sure it has inside pockets AND the outside has plastic film to slide a paper in the front cover - label with your child's name)

    - a 2x3 or 3x5 photograph of your child - focus on his/her face without a mask on (label the back with your child's name) - we will display these so we can see our friends without masks and learn the names of our new friends.  *I will try to return these, but because they will be on display they may not be returned in perfect shape.  For that reason, please do not send your only copy.  This can be a printed photo or a clear photocopy.



    DONATIONS...not required...any help is greatly appreciated. (If you are able to donate any of the items below they are happily accepted throughout the year):

    *Please note that donations will not be returned at the end of the year.

    - clear Scotch packaging tape (I use this to repair books and go through many rolls each year.)

    - envelopes (all sizes for writing practice)

    - the fronts of greeting cards (used for writing practice)

    - super "cheap" and "flimsy" white paper plates (think the off-brand ones that are barely strong enough to hold food) - (used frequently for crafts)

    - 3x3 sticky post-it notes (used for lessons and for students to show what they know as we build charts together)

    - bottle of hand soap 

    - clear plastic sheet protectors (you can find these at The Dollar Tree - I am going to use these to make remediation/enrichment binders)

    - 1/2" white 3-ring binder (please make sure it has inside pockets AND the outside has plastic film to slide a paper in the front cover - I am going to use these to make remediation/enrichment binders) 

    - brown paper lunch bags (used for puppet making)

    - craft sticks (used for puppet making) and STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

    - multi-colors of tissue paper (used for arts and crafts)

    - colored pom-pom balls, all sizes (used for sorting activities and centers)


    Extra Consideration for at Home:

    Although we do not give homework in Kindergarten, it is a good idea to work letter, number and sight word practice into games and activities you do at home.  I suggest keeping basic supplies at home to practice sight words, letters, numbers etc.  Items might include:  pencils, crayons, scissors, glue stick, paper and playdough.  You can also keep dry erase markers.  IF you have a whiteboard...great.  If not, plastic laminated disposable plates (dollar store) usually works as a homemade whiteboard.  Magnet letters and numbers are fun ways to practice recognizing and writing letters and numbers or making sight words.  Sidewalk chalk can be used in the same way.  These are not items that you are required to have, however, you may choose to have some or all as a way to reinforce skills.  IF you choose to do that, I strongly recommend making review as "game-like" as possible.  Most students will respond to game play in a positive manner.  As we move through the year, I will share some ways to practice skills at home that use some of these materials.  Again, this is purely optional and just offered as support to you and your child.





    School Supply List - PDF