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    Good Morning Pine Road!


    This will be our last lesson of the school year.  I know this is not the way that any of us wanted to end the year, but I like to think that we had a unique opportunity to learn while being safe at home.  I will miss you over the summer, but this is not "Goodbye".  I look forward to seeing everyone again.  I hope that you all have a happy, healthy, and safe summer!  Spend as much time outside as you can.  Look for new ways to enjoy your family.  Remember, a garden hose can be a lot of fun on a hot summer day!  Also, I hope that you and your family have fun with Virtual Field Day.  I have to tip my cap to Ms. Glenwright and Mrs. Zschunke for all their work making VFD happen.  We are all very fortunate to have so many dedicated and caring teachers at Pine Road Elementary School!   


    Now, for your assignment.  One of my most favorite activities is our indoor snowball fights.  So your assignment is to figure out a way to make one last indoor snowball fight of the year.  You could use: balled up socks, rolled up paper, yarnballs, small stuffed animals, squishies, etc.  Make sure to have your parents permission, and invite them to join in the fun.  Be sure to find a space where things will not get broken.  Aim for the waist and below.  Also, if you have items that would be appropriate for outside play, then take the snowball fight outside!!!   


    I also want to include some information about virtual summer camps.  My children usually go to camp, however, they will be staying home this summer.  I was looking for some virtual summer camp options, incase they get bored of snowball fights with dad, ;-)  Here are a few links to lists of virtual summer camps I have researched.  Some are free and others have a fee:







    Also, plan and prepare a healthy and nutritious summer picnic, with your family.  Be sure to represent all sections of MYPLATE.  MyPlate

    Find a cool spot in your yard to have a relaxing summer picnic.  They can be a great way to relax and enjoy nature, healthy foods, and loved ones.


    We recently had a tree taken down, and my children wanted to say have a great summer, so here we are hoping you have "TONS OF TALL FUN"!

    Mickle Tree A Mickle Tree K

    So, I thought my last pic of the year I would sort of dress up for the occasion.  Have a SUPER SUMMER!  I'LL MISS YOU!!  TAKE CARE AND BE WELL!

    Fancy Mickle   




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