• Math activities at home can be fun! Below are some easy ways to practice math skills.  Enjoy!


    Top it!

    Materials: Deck of cards

    Directions:  Shuffle the deck and split evenly among 2 players.  Each player flips over the top card.  The higher card wins.

                     Variations: *smaller card wins

                                *add the 2 cards together.  First to get the correct answer wins

                                *subtract the 2 cards.  First to get the correct answer wins

                                *grades 3-5 - multiply the 2 cards together, first to get the correct answer wins




    Materials: dice, stick-like objects (toothpicks, q-tips, pencils, etc)

    Directions: roll one die, build (or draw) an object with the same number of sides as on the die

              Variations: *after building the shape, identify the number of vertices, angles, sides, edges, faces

                                *ask an adult to draw several shapes on paper (triangles, squares, rectangles, etc).  Roll the die, 

                                 color in a shape with the same number of sides. 

                                *after building the shape, look for things in your home with the same shape

                                * if you have playdough, build 3D shapes using the playdough to connect the vertices


    Place Value

    Materials:  Dice or deck of cards, straight objects to use as a 10 rod (q-tips, toothpicks, etc), small objects to use for a ones cube (m&ms, beans, etc)

    Directions: roll both dice, make and identify a 2-digit number

                    Variations: *build a 2-digit number using rods and cubes. Find 2 ways to build the same number.

                                *roll 2 dice, write down the numbers, and roll again. Build the largest 4-digit number you can. 

                                  Build the smallest 4-digit number you can.

                                * with a partner, each of you roll 2 dice.  Build a 2-digit number.  The larger number wins.  Also 

                                   play where the smaller number wins.

                                * Games above can also be played with a deck of cards. Use your imagination!!





Last Modified on March 13, 2020