Reading and Writing:
    -Encourage your child to draw a picture and write a story to accompany it. 
    -Look for word wall words (sight words) in books and magazines. 
    -Spend time reading with your child and have him/her talk about story elements (character, setting, problem, and solution). Have him/her retell a story by telling the important events that happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  Don't forget to mix-it-up and read both fiction and non-fiction.  Maybe try to stretch your child's interests with new topics.
    -Have your child go on a 3D shape hunt throughout your home and in magazines.  Look for real world examples of these shapes, as well as, find them in print or by using technology.
    -Practice using 3D vocabulary terms such as sphere, cone, cylinder, and cube. 
    -Explore the shapes to see if they can roll, slide or stack.  (Or, do more than one!)
    -Use the GoMath workbooks.
    -Click here to visit Mrs. Krupa's website.  Mrs. Krupa is our computer teacher. Her website has many links to websites and learning games that are specific for Kindergarten.  I believe your child should be familiar with using this and/or many of the links.  
    If the link does not work...here is the long way to access her websites:
    1.  Go to the LMTSD website
    2.  Select Pine Road Elementary School
    3.  In the upper center select FACULTY
    4.  Scroll to the letter K and select Krupa, Kathy
    5.  On the top of her website, select Kindergarten
    You will now be able to see her webpage with all of her websites, passwords and class codes.