• math grading


    At Murray Avenue, the grades entered for all Mathematics classes are weighted. Topic Tests, Unit Assessments (Units consist of a combination of Topics in the Envision program), Quizzes, and Projects will be entered into the Assessments Category, and will make up 85% of the grade. . All homework and any other small class assignments will be entered into the Assignments category, which makes up the last 15% of the math grade.



    Each homework assignment is worth points. The children receive points if they do their homework and 0 points if they do not complete their homework. Please note, I require work to be shown when solving problems. If your child is absent, they initially receive a 0 until they make up missed homework to get points.  On the Home Access Center parent portal, you will be able to view your child’s homework points each day to make sure they are completing assignments. If your child is struggling with a homework assignment, please have them email me that night so that they don't receive a 0 for not completing their homework. I would like to review with them during math, I/E or WIN the following day. Each day in math builds on the previous day's work.




    Your child will be required to take a variety of assessments during each topic, as well as at the end of a unit of combined topics.  I will give Studyguides to be used to study and review for their assessments.  Due to Home Access Center, I do not require tests or quizzes to be signed.  You may keep track of your child's grade by using the parent portal. At the end of the school year, there will be a Final Assessment.  I do review for the Final.  The Final does count as a grade and it is cummulative.