• Welcome, Third Grade Students!!

    Dear Parents and Third Grade Students:

           We are looking forward to meeting all of you soon!  Here is a list of supplies that will be needed for our third grade program. PLEASE LABEL ALL SUPPLIES WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME!

    • 2 Boxes of tissues
    • Bottle of hand soap OR hand sanitizer
    • Crayons and colored pencils
    • 8 Glue Sticks
    • Small pencil sharpener
    • Small pair of scissors
    • Two standard sized 2-subject notebooks (labeled with name).Two 3-subject will be acceptable,too.
    • Two packs of sticky notes (approximately 3 X 3 size)
    • Four different colored highlighter markers
    • Two red pens
    • Zipper-bag for all supplies  (please, no boxes)
    • 2 folders (labeled with name)
    • Package of dry erase markers
    • Twenty four #2 sharpened pencils or mechanical pencils
    • Several pencil top erasers
    • 1 container of Clorox or Lysol wipes
    • Earbuds or headphones (in a Ziploc bag labeled with name)
    • 17” X 22” art portfolio for art class (no zippers) (label)
    • One cotton sock, white board eraser, or magic eraser

    *We will provide each student with a homework assignment book (agenda book), at no additional cost to you.


    Many thanks!


    The Third Grade Teachers   

    Partner teachers:  Farber/ Smith           Hertz/Kurtz

    Self-contained teachers:    Crouthamel, Giuliana, Wodotinsky

    Additional Supplies for Individual Teachers








    *Paper towels

    *Ziploc bags (Quart and Gallon size)

    *1 package ultra-fine tip dry erase markers

    *Loose leaf hole reinforcements

    *Pocket sized Merriam-Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus

    * 2 subject Notebook

    *2 THIN black Sharpies

    *pkg of color markers/


    *box ziplock bags (gal or sandwich)

    *Paper towels


    *Liquid glue

    *Paper towels

    *Ziploc bags

    *2 subject spiral notebook

    *Paper towels

    *1 box of Ziploc bags (all sizes up to a gallon  


    *Ziploc bags-sandwich size

    *No hand soap

Last Modified on August 24, 2018