• Sculpture

    one semester - .5 credit


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    Welcome to Sculpture! This course is an introduction to the basic skills and concepts used in three dimensional art making. The course focuses on the elements and principles of art and design. Projects will be three dimensional in nature and students will use a wide variety of media. Creative thinking, technical skills, art history and aesthetics will be introduced and developed in this course. My goal is for you to discover & enhance your artistic skills and to discover creativity that you may not realize you had!



    Class participation

    Completion of and presentation of assignments (exercises and projects). Grades will be based on fulfillment of the objectives of the assignment as well as creativity, effort/perseverance, and presentation.

    Participation in discussions & critiques.

    Students are responsible for making up any assignments that are missed due to absence.


    Types of Sculpture


    Common Sculpture Materials


    The following are examples of projects that have been included in this course in the past. Projects and topics will vary from year to year.:

    We will use the HS library as a resource throughout the semester. Here are some of the new things available and happening in the library:

      1. Button Maker - You can take a picture of your artwork and make a button to wear! Directions are on the library website. Use Canva.
      2. Cameo Silhouette
        1. Both of the above options are great for projects, branding, marketing, presenting and sharing information.  Stays in the library.
      3. BBC: Micro Bit
      4. Rasberry Pi Both used in the Maker Club but available to any teacher/student who has a project need. Teachers can sign out.
      5. Portable green (white or black) screen, with optional lighting. Students can sign out
      6. OSMO cell phone stabilizer while recording. Students can sign out.
      7. High quality Shure microphones. Students can sign out. All great for students to create high quality videos for any presentation, plugs into all cell phones
      8. 3D Printers – hard and squishy plastic. Stays in the library (for now).

        www.tinkercad.com - user friendly

        www.vectary.com  – allows more manipulation

        https://sites.google.com/lmtsd.org/lmhslibrary/makerspace/3d-printing - webiste link

     3D Printed key chains:

    key chains

    Create your own Pinterest page for this class with at least 15 pins. Be prepared to share your page with me and your classmates. Here is mine:


     Elements of Art Project:

    • Just like a baker has sugar, flour, baking powder, oatmeal, chocolate chips, icing and many other ingredients to work with in order to create tasty cookies, an artist has ingredients to choose from in order to create artwork. This unit will introduce student to these elements (ingredients).
    • Students will study line, color, value, shape, texture and form.

     Elements of Art Cube Project


    Circle Slot Sculpture:

    circle slot

    Eames Mid century inspired house of cards sculpture . Cut the mat board in different sizes. Draw designs on them with sharpies (your designs should be inspired by an artist of your choice!). Use acrylic paint to add color. Cut slits on them so they fit together. Add more slits on a longer end, only 1 or 2 slits on the shorter ends.



    Geometric Newspaper / magazine sculpture

    Geometric  geo2 geo3


    Identity Box

    You will create an 'Identity Box' with the outside representing how the you present yourself to the world and the inside representing the your inner strengths.



    Popsicle Stick Architecture



    Assemblage Sculpture Project



    Sea Trash Sculpture Project

    A sculpture lesson that looks at the work of Sayaka Ganz and discusses how humans impact the natural environment.



    House Collage Assemblage Project





    Origami crane



    Altered books




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