• Social and Emotional Learning


    Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) increases success in school and in life.  The more we can build our students' social and emotional skills, the more equiped our students will be to learn the academic skills.

    Here at Pine Road, SEL is taking place in so many different ways each and every day:


    • Teacher/student conversations during "teachable moments"
    • Restorative conferences, facilitated by staff member, to address peer conflicts

    Small Groups

    • Lunches with the a teacher, school counselor, or administrator
    • Small group sessions with the school counselor focused on building self-awareness and learning/practicing coping skills
    • Small group sessions with our eSAP counselor using the Second STEP curriculum

    Whole Class

    • Responsive Circles -- using a 'class meeting' to build classroom community and solve problems
    • Skill building and character education classroom lessons facilitated by the school counselor
    • Second STEP curriculum classroom lessons (Only grade 1 at this time)

    Whole School

    • Pine Road Pillars and Pledge
    • Elementary Student Assistance Program
      • Click here for more information about Pine Road's eSAP team
      • Click here for more information about SAP from Montgomery County
    • No Place for Hate
    • Restorative Practices

     Here is some more information about the value of Social and Emotional Learning: