• Megan Smith

    Megan Smith

    Lion's Pride Award Winner - March 2017

    Megan is the exemplar of a quiet leader.  Megan has been with the District since May 2016 in the Data Support Specialist role.  This role is not that well known, but it is crucial to the District in many ways.  This position helps submit our reports to the State on student and staff data which ensures we are in compliance with State regulations and receive the correct funding.  The role also ensures that our teachers have access to the student and educational systems that keep their classrooms humming along.  It is truly a service role in our District—Megan is on call when our schools encounter a problem with report cards, when help is needed with students’ schedules, or calculating grade point averages—and she rolls up her sleeves and jumps in to help.  As service roles often are, it is often a thankless one.  But so many staff members have thanked the District for hiring her, that the Board gives her this honor so she can know just how much she is appreciated.

    She is so good at her role because she has a mind for using and analyzing data—which can be akin to solving a puzzle—and because she is a natural teacher.  She received her Bachelor’s in Secondary Mathematics and became a Math teacher in Catholic Schools in Philadelphia and in State College.   She was interested in a Data Support Position because her husband, Theo Smith, serves in that role for the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit.   

    Since no one else in the District has Megan’s role, it is nice that she can go home and talk to Theo about the issues and problems that they encounter.  Theo also began his career as a teacher, and together they share a love of singing.  Megan was until recently on the Board of Project Philly—an A Capella Group—that gives performances and raises money for scholarships for disadvantaged students.  Being a proponent of lifelong learning, she just finished her Master’s in Educational Leadership from Cabrini College.

    And being the natural teacher that she is, she is great at working collaboratively with our teachers and staff to help them understand the nature of and the importance of the information on students that they are entering.  Because she was working in a quasi-administrative role at her last school, she has experience entering report card data and developing schedules.  She not only solves their problems, but she teaches the school staff as she goes along so they learn about the systems and how they work.