Coding & Programming

  • What is coding? 

    The term coding means organizing information in a specific format, or writing a program, in order to tell a comptuer what to do. The computer can then be used to run an app, fly a drone, or almost anything else that you can imagine.

    Computers understand only binary code, which is only made up of data that that means that a piece of computer hardware called a transistor is either ON or OFF. This info can be represented in ones and zeros: ON= 1 OFF= 0. Groups of and ones in a series such as 01101011 are called bytes. We use computer programming languages to tell a computer what we want it to do. The program is written in a language we can understand and is tranlated into binary code in several steps:

    programming language → assembly language → machine language → binary code

    Just as there are many spoken human languages, there are many different types of written programming language. Some are better for writing apps, websites, or animations. Some of their names are:

    HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, C++, C, Python, PHP, Ruby, BASIC


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