• Accessing the enVisionmath Online Textbook:

         - Go to lmtsd.org.

         - Click on "Resources".

         - Click on "Students".

         - Click on "Online Curriculum Resources".

         - Click on "Pearson EasyBridge" link. 

         - Log in with your Google login information.


    Be sure to also log into your Google Classroom page for Math.  On this page you will find various PDF files for extra practice for some of our enVisionmath lessons.  These files contain both worksheets and answer keys, which will allow you to get some extra practice in areas you find challenging.

    Forget how to log into Google Classroom?

    Go to http://classroom.google.com and sign in using your Google login.

    Forget your Google login?  Here's a hint ... if my name was Judy Lamb, and my school ID (lunch) number is 1234, my Google login is:


    Your password is your normal "lm5d...." password.  It's that simple!


Last Modified on October 29, 2017