• Physical Education Rules and Expectations


                Physical Education is the means to allow you the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities. This class will help improve your physical fitness level and teamwork skills while relieving the tension of academic and other stressors. Movement increases learning, so join us…..Be on time and participate to your fullest potential in a safe manner!


    ·         Must change into athletic attire. Clothing can be of any color and must meet the regulations of the LM code of conduct. (No cargo shorts, jeans or other non-athletic clothing)

    ·         Socks

    ·         Athletic sneakers (at no time will shoes such as Uggs, Adidas’s sandals, or boots be permitted)


                Be on-time (3 Point deduction for each tardiness-entrance to gym and squad)

                Note required from teacher with time and reason for lateness in order to be  excused.

    Locker room

                Change quickly (5 minutes) 3 pt. deduction if late.

    You are responsible for your valuables. Purchase a lock. Do not share lockers.


    Once you leave the locker room you must sit in your assigned squad. Failure to do this will be a deduction in 3 points for the day.

    After roll is taken you may move to the designated area for unprepared PE students. Short Term Medical students will report to the library to complete assignment. 

    Squads are necessary for quick attendance, instructions and safety.


    Many times technology will be used in PE. You are expected to use with care and be responsible.

    ·         Cells phones are prohibited in the gym facility unless instructed. This includes the fitness center. 

    ·         1st offense: Warning and instructed to lock in PE locker. (one warning per year) Point deduction will be issued.

    ·         2nd offense and more: Security/administration will be called to confiscate phone and a possible write up. A zero will be issued for the PE day.

                Cell phone use in locker rooms will be appropriate. (no video/photos)

    Fitness Center

    ·         Use equipment with care and safety.

    ·         Replace all equipment used to the proper location.

    ·         Report broken equipment to PE teacher.

    ·         Do not go into the fitness office unless instructed.


    ·         Wait in the gym until bell rings or dismissed by teacher. 

    ·         Leaving early without permission will result in a write up and PE point deductions. 


    ·         Participate to your full potential-If you are not sweating your grade will reflect

    ·         Motivate yourself and others

    ·         Be safe

    ·         Use appropriate language and actions

    ·         Follow directions

    ·         Students who participate in athletics are expected to be leaders in PE class.

    ·         Athletes who do not participate in PE will not be eligible to play in competition on that day.



    10 points per class

    • Participation = 8 pts. (0-8 depending on level of participation) Includes all PE warm-ups and activities.
    • Appropriate dress = 2 pt

    Point deductions will occur but are not limited to:

    o   Cell phone on person or in use without permission

    o   Lateness (arrival to class and/or squad)

    o   Leaving early from class without permission-will also result in a write up

    o   Inappropriate use of equipment

    o   Entering PE closets without permission

    o   Entering locker rooms without permission

    o   Half court shots, will also result in a write up

    o   Poor sportsmanship

    o   Inappropriate Locker room behavior

    If you are not fully prepared for class you can earn a maximum of 8 points if you are wearing safe and appropriate clothing. However, a zero will be given to any student not able to participate in class due to unsafe/inappropriate clothing. Unpreparedness may not be made up. 

    Assessment grading

    ·         Students will be assessed throughout the school year. Grading will be determined by assessment expectations.

    ·         Fitness assessments will be an additional grade on a scale of 15-25.

    ·         Swimming grades will be 15 points each period.


    You must have a note from a parent or guardian to be excused from activities due to sickness or injury. You must have a doctor (not a parent) note to be excused from class activities for a period of three or more days. A short term/long term medical assignment will be issued by your physical education teacher and will be completed in the library during your PE class.  Google Classroom will be used for the short term assignments.

                    If you have a cast on any body part you will not be permitted to participate in any activities until the PE staff/school nurse receives a doctor note releasing you from treatment and verifying you are able to return to physical activity.    

    PE Make-ups

    PE make-ups can be made up after school in the fitness center. Each make-up class is 30 minutes and needs to be made up before the end of the quarter. You may not make up a class for being unprepared for PE. Make-ups are permitted for missed class due to absences or medicals. You are allowed two absences. Absences exceeding two per quarter will need to be made up. (Examples of absences are: Home sick, nurse visit, guidance visit).


    At no time will a student be able to have school work out. All book bags and school related items must be kept in the locker room. No exceptions!


    Revised 8/2016


Last Modified on September 1, 2016