• Grade 7 Health:

    What’s Happening? 10.1.9 D

    To give understanding of adolescent changes that involve physical, emotional/mental and social aspects of a teen’s life.

    Drugs and Alcohol 10.1.9A/10.1.9D

    To teach students the importance of refusal skills and to remain drug free.  Implications of sickness, death and legal issues of engaging in risky behaviors will be addressed.

    Body Systems 10.1.6 B

    Provide the foundation for beginner knowledge of how body systems function and diseases that may involve these systems.

    -Muscular System

    -Skeletal System

    -Integumentary System

    -Circulatory System

    -Male/Female Reproductive System

    -Digestive System -Nervous System

Last Modified on September 7, 2017