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    Lion’s Pride Award

    June 2016

    Jason Vasvilla


    We are honoring Mr. Jason Vasvilla, Custodial Engineer for Pine Road School, with the Lion’s Pride Award for June 2016.

    Each school day, over 900 students enter Pine Road School. How their day goes is determined by the interactions they have—with their fellow students and with their teachers. But their day can also be made by a positive interaction with another caring adult—and that is the unique quality that Jason Vasvilla brings to the Pine Road School.   He honestly cares about the kids—because caring about kids and family is the foundation upon which his life is built.

    When Dr. Feeley interviewed him three years ago as Marsden’s selection to be the custodial engineer at Pine Road, she knew we had found the right person because of how his face lit up when he was asked about working around students. She found out that working with kids is a family tradition. His wife, Lisa, who was his high school sweetheart, ran a home day care when their children were younger. He talked about coming home for lunch and playing with the kids. Lisa now works at Bright Horizons Day Care at St. Mary’s Hospital. Their son, Jayson, who is 18 and attends Bucks County Community College, is working at Bright Horizons as a summer camp counselor. They have another son, Brandon who is 14 years old and will be attending Pennsbury High School. Together, as a family, they enjoy fishing and gardening.

    Another family tradition is working in carpentry and construction. His father, uncle and brother all worked in the trades and now Jason’s wife and sons will join him in a weekend project. Those skills are also evident at Pine Road where, recently, he had to deal with a burst pipe and came out looking like he went for a swim. That’s because he went all in to fix the problem and to make the school function for the students and teachers.

    But the students can’t know and don’t appreciate him because of how he fixes things—they call out “Mr. Jason” when he walks by them in the hallway, like he is a celebrity, because of the smiles he puts on their faces. I want to share one little story about the impact that Jason has had on Pine Road. Mr. Swank was speaking to a first grade student in Mrs. Cerruti’s Life Skills classroom. The student was in the room’s sensory space because he was having a rough day, as we all do. When Mr. Swank said he had to go meet with Mr. Jason, the student said with all seriousness that he should bring Mr. Jason because he wanted him to dive into the bean bags that are in the space. The students can sense that Mr. Jason is a kid at heart and truly cares about them.

    That is why he is an integral part of the Pine Road community—because he cares about our students and they know it. And that is why we are honored to give Jason Vasvilla the Lion’s Pride Award for June 2016.