Functions and Trigonometry - 2nd Quarter for 2019
    Testing days for XXX in this quarter are XXX and XXX.
    April 18
    April 19
    April 20
    April 21
    April 22
      Introduce the Concepts behind the Graphs of Trig Functions explaining their Periods and Amplitudes.   Get students familiar with using their calculators.  Start Trig Packet on Graphing Sine and Cosine Functions and Compare to the Sine and Cosine Parent Functions Continue and Complete the Packet on Graphing Trig Functions from Yesterday Start Packet titles "Summary of Trig Function Equations and determine their amplitude, period, horz shift and vertical translation
    April 25 April 26
    April 27
    April 28
    April 29

    Primary Elections: Schools Closed, Offices Open

    Monday's Lesson PLan:
    Students are to complete "Summary of Graphing Sine and Cosine Curves" 
    Review "Summary of Graphing the Sine and Cosine Curves" Senior Physics Great Adventure Trip for Seniors  
    May 02 May 03
    may 04
    May 05
    May 06
    Quiz Review on the Sine and Cosine Curves


    Quiz on the Sine and Cosine Curves    


    May 09 May 10
    May 11
    May 12
    May 13


    May 16 May 17 May 18 May 19 May 20
    May 23
    May 24
    May 25
    May 26
    May 27

     Students to Work on WS Packet on Compound and Continuous Compounding Problems (26 Long Response Problems.   WS Packet is due on Wednesday, June 1st

    Self-Study Assignment

    Self-Study Assignment Self-Study Assignment
    May 30
    May 31
    June 01
    June 02
    June 03 

    Schools and Offices Closed

    Self-Study Assignment
    Self-Study Assignment
    Self-Study Assignment Due Today
    Final Exam Review Day One
    June 06
    June 07
    June 08
    June 09
    June 10 
    Final Exam Review Day Two Final Exam Review Day Three Functions and Trig Final for Seniors    
    June 13
    June 14
    June 15 June 16 June 17

    Functions and Trig Final for Juniors
    June 20
    June 21
    June 22
    June 23
    June 24

    June 22
    June 23
    June 24
    June 25
    June 26

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