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    Lion's Pride Honoree for March 2016
    Amy Titus

    Lower Moreland is very fortunate that six years ago, when the Titus family was relocating to the area, they selected our district based on its small size, academics and overall reputation.  Our good fortune has been felt by way of the contributions that both of her sons, Jack, now a Sophomore at Penn State and Matt, an LMHS senior, have made to the fabric of the High School, and also by the selfless contributions Amy has made by supporting our schools and our programs.  In a single interaction with Amy Titus, one would likely be impressed by her positive attitude, enthusiastic spirit and dedication to her family.  A Navy wife for twenty-six years, Amy and the family had been accustomed to moving every two to three years.  Each time she would put down roots in a new community, she would quickly become involved, joining the PTA, acting as secretary or a board member, embracing opportunities with the Boy Scouts and supporting her sons in their sports endeavors.  Her willingness to contribute to the community even led her to become the President of a Gardening Club, despite the fact that she knew almost nothing about gardening!  Their NAVY life has taken them all around the world including, California, Italy, Rhode Island, Georgia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  During this time she has always remained focused on her family and encouraged her boys to thrive.  She is a very proud Mom and Wife. 

    Amy graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Advertising and was working in Finance in Annapolis, Maryland, when she met her husband John, a graduate of the Naval Academy.  Amy is an avid reader, tennis player and fan of the New York Giants, Philadelphia Phillies and college basketball.  She loves to travel, especially to warm places with palm trees!  She was nominated for this month’s Lions Pride award for her contributions to our school community.  As the Co-President of our High School’s PTA, Amy has advocated for our programs, special events, including post prom, and has assisted with tasks in the main office.  She is always offering to assist and has most recently been volunteering in the High School Library, a place where she feels most at home.  Raised by a family of educators, Amy feels most happy when volunteering in the school and working with students.  She has supported her boys throughout their schooling by serving as a home room mom and field trip chaperone, and most recently as a band booster parent and snack bar worker.    Her favorite Lower Moreland events include Java Jam, Ultimate Challenge, Flag Football and the Harlem Wizards fundraiser.  When you talk to Amy, she beams with pride, not only for her two boys, but also for our district.  She acknowledges the hard work of our teachers, dedication of our PTA and the welcoming community that they are so happy to call home. 

    Both of Amy’s boys have received the student of the month award.  Teachers have often remarked at the quality of character that both boys demonstrate and acknowledge what a special family the Titus family is.  Amy Titus has dedicated her life to her amazing family and the support of the school community in which both boys have truly shined.  Her efforts on behalf of the PTA and the district are acknowledged and much appreciated.  Amy shared that each time that the family would move to a new community, she encouraged the boys to make friends and to make their mark so that they would be remembered for doing something good for their community or school.  Amy Titus has done all three, been a good friend to others and the district, and made her mark with her contributions to the school and community and for that we are grateful.