AP English Literature - Quarter 3
    update  3/18
    February 01
    February 02
    February 03
    February 04
    February 05


    Early Dismissal

    Poetry packet--

    Analysis Work 
    handout  SAT vocabulary
    Hamlet (hand out) 

    Poetry Packet --Analysis work

    Oedipus due today

    Oedipus quick quiz
    note cards 
    February 08  
    February 09
    February 10
    February 11
    February 12

    SAT quiz A-D

    (oops meant E, but will amend next list) 


    Research paper handout 

     (review independently)
    finish review questions

    All (1) poems in

    poetry packet
    should be annotated/thesis statement for tomorrow
    Will pick up during in class essay.  
    Oedipus in class essay 

    All (1) poems in

    poetry packet
    should be annotated/thesis statement.  
    February 15
    February 16
    February 17
    February 18
    February 19
     Schools Closed
    Presidents Day

     Poetry pack review day

     Poetry packet review day


     Discuss Hamlet

    Research paper handout due

    Hamlet--Acts 1 and 2 quiz


     All of Hamlet due today
    make-up in class 
    February 22
    February 23
    February 24
    February 25
    February 26
     Hamlet quick quiz/card

    SAT quiz #2


    work on Act I handout due tomorrow
    Hamlet work 
     Start reading novel/play for research
    Work on questions in class 
    questions due 
     SAT Quiz #3
    Start looking up critical research about your novel. Remember, you are
    placing your writer in a literary period. 
    February 29
    March 01
    March 02
    March 03
    March 04
    All poem (2)s are due today. 
    Hamlet work 

    Hamlet in-class work
     SAT quiz
    Review Multiple choice from exam
    March 07
    March 08
    March 09
    March 10
    March 11
     Keep reading novel!
    Keep up research! 
    Multiple choice from exam 
     Hamlet in-class essay 
     Hamlet out of class essay due
    Library work--Ms. Yerkees 
    Hamlet supplemental project due 
     Streetcar due-quiz card
    March 14
    March 15
    March 16 March 17
    March 18
    SAT quiz S-Z!
    Write 8 multiple choice questions for the poems that you were responsible for in your poetry pack
     (4 each) see handout
    Bib cards due (at least 8)--
    This is preliminary research! Your primary source may count as one.
    March 21
    March 22
    March 23
    March 24
    March 25
     Spring Break 

                 Spring Break 

          Spring Break 
    March 28
    March 29
    March 30
    March 31
    April 01

     Streetcar in-class essay

    Death of a Salesman due


    Death of a Salesman  

     Death of a Salesman

    April 04
    April 05
    April 06
    April 07
    April 08
    Discussion of research book
    Sign-up after school meeting 
    Death of a Salesman in-class essay 
    Discussion of research book
    Sign-up after school meeting:
    meetings will be after school April 5, 6 and during class April 6--discussion are just check ins to see how you are progressing (5-10 minutes)
    Read Beloved through page 124 
    Assignment due April 7th--given to you with novel! 

     read in class!

    Discussion of novel  
    Read Beloved through page 124 
    Assignment due April 7th--given to you with novel! 

    Continue discussion of Beloved from yesterday. Rest of Beloved due on April 11th!
    April 11
    April 12
    April 13
    April 14 April 15

     Finish reading Beloved--due April 11th!


     Beloved presentations



    3rd Quarter Ends
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