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    Mary Kate Wright and Tina Mollett pictured here with Frank Giordano, Director of Special Education, and Yuri Khalif, School Board Member

    Tina Mollett and Mary Kate Wright were awarded with the Lion’s Pride Award for October 2015.

    Both Tina and Mary Kate serve as the District's School Psychologists.  To be a school psychologist is to be an unsung hero.  Often they do not get the thank you cards from parents or the drawings from students or other tokens of appreciation that a classroom teacher receives.  Yet their work is vitally important to the students they assist and to their families and to the teachers with whom they consult.  That is why the District has chosen to honor them with this award--to shed some light on their hard work and to let them know that it is appreciated.

    They know that the most challenging part of their jobs is to bridge the gap between what happens in classrooms and students’ behavior.  They know the importance of making sure teachers feel heard and offering support to them.

    They also understand the importance of having compassion when speaking with parents and helping them to understand the tests and terminology in ways that they can understand and making them feel heard as well.

    It is with great pride and honor that Mary Kate and Tina were recognized with the Lion’s Pride Award for October 2015.