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    Gregg Uliano, the Lion's Pride Award winner for September 2015, with
    Board member, Steve Geiger

    The Superintendent's first encounter with Gregg Uliano is when he called Dr. Feeley about putting a wood floor in the Murray Avenue gym instead of a multipurpose floor because he had a vision of how great the gym could be---and he was right. But what really impressed her about Gregg was the manner in which he approached the issue. He was so professional and called not to complain, but to propose a solution that would work for everyone. He even went so far as to offer his services in painting the lobby area of the MA gym and in rallying his troops of volunteers to tidy up the trophy display cases and clean up the entrance. 

    She shares this anecdote because it is emblematic of who Gregg is. He is a quiet leader who cares very deeply about his community and his alma mater. He is a great communicator who seeks solutions that will work for all the stakeholders involved.

    Gregg has been in Lower Moreland since 1969 when he moved to the area as a child with his family. He graduated from the High School where he was great friends with Steve Geiger. He married another resident of Huntingdon Valley, Amy, and after living briefly in Northeast Philadelphia, they made the decision to raise a family back home in Lower Moreland.

    He has a daughter, Emily, who is at the main Penn State campus, a son Nic who just graduated and will be going to Penn State Abington in the spring, and another son, Philip, who will be going into the 5th grade at Pine Road.

    His kids were his impetus for coaching and, joining the Board of HVAA, where he is in his third and final term as President. 

    But, ultimately, he is compelled to serve out of a love for this community and a feeling of duty to its residents. This was no more evident than on that tragic Saturday in May when a truck crashed into the High School. Gregg was on the other side of the building coaching a baseball team. When he saw the commotion of fire trucks, he hopped in his own truck and came over. He did not hesitate in offering his tireless help and support in helping us get the High School back up and running, which we did that very next Monday.   His skills as a Project Manager, which he has honed during his 12 years at Rhoads Industries, which does industrial service and maintenance, and his experience in carpentry and construction as part of his family’s business and then on his own, certainly were on display. When a few weeks later, we had water pouring out of a pipe in the parking lot, he was one of the first people we called for help. Thankfully the problem turned out to be with Aqua instead of with our pipes, but again, he was ready to jump into action and I knew that he would do everything within his power to find a solution because that is what he does. He is simply one of those people who you can count on to deliver—whether it is for his family, for HVAA, or for Rhoads Industries.   His family is generous enough to share him with the entire LM community—and we are lucky for it. 

    For his service to the District—whether it be in working on a solution to the use of our facilities that will meet everyone’s needs to that day in May when we needed him—Gregg Uliano is being recognized with the Lion’s Pride Award for September 2015.