• For students seeking membership in the National Honor Society please read the following:

    1. Academic Pillar: Students must carry a cumulative 3.25 unweighted GPA (and be a sophomore, junior, or senior) in order to be considered for membership.

    2. Service Pillar: a.  Please read the guidelines for community service  Service Guidelines
    b. The Advisor recommends keeping records of your community service including specific dates, current contact information, and hours volunteered to assist you in completing the Student Information Form if you meet the criteria in #1 above. 
    3. Character and Leadership Pillar: For criteria used in the Teacher Survey for Character and Leadership ratings of students (used by the Faculty Council* in the selection process) click here Character and Leadership Descriptors
    4. Please note in order to preserve objectivity, the Faculty Council's review of the Student Information Form and the Teacher Survey for Character and Leadership is anonymous, meaning the student's name is removed from both documents and each student participating in the selection process is assigned a number instead.  Only the Advisor knows the identity of the students participating.
    5. For additional information click on Document Download for the Chapter Bylaws (including Article IV Nomination and Selection, and Article IX Dismissal and Probation) 
    *The Faculty Council is comprised of 5 LMHS teachers.  The NHS Advisor facilitates this process but is not involved in the selection of candidates.