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    The Board was very pleased to honor Marge Klein with the Lion’s Pride Award for

    May 2015.   Marge is the Data Coordinator for the District. This involves, among

    other things, preparing reports on students and staff for the State through their

    Pennsylvania Information Management System or PIMS. The accuracy of these

    reports are crucial to our funding and making sure we do not face fines. It also

    involves what other would find to be an arduous chore of combing through

    mountains of data but which Marge find to be an interesting puzzle to figure out. 

    She thrives on solving problems and interpreting the ways and hows of data for

    other school district staff.


    Marge came to this line of work through a circuitous path that began when her

    youngest child entered 4th grade and she returned to work. She became a 10-

    months guidance secretary at a middle school in the Central Bucks School District. 

    She then became a 12-month guidance secretary at Central Bucks High School

    West. She spent 16 years in Central Bucks altogether. While there, she became

    the unofficial “Help Desk” because of her interest in computer technology.   

    This led to a position as Assistant to the Director of Technology at New Hope-

    Solebury School District, which ultimately led to her position in Lower Moreland.


    In her sparetime, she likes to travel to Morocco where her two grandchildren live

    with her daughter and son-in-law. She has been known to complete a PIMS report

    from Morocco when the need arises.


    She has another daughter who is a personal trainer at Highpoint Gym in Chalfont

    and who also works for a church in Easton. Her son is a crime reporter in San

    Francisco. Marge also loves to travel and has visited Spain and Italy and did a

    cross-country train trip.  


    She makes her home in the same house in Warrington where she has lived for 43

    years with her two dogs, Tessa and Natalie. Her next project is building a

    treehouse in the backyard for when her grandkids come visit.


    Marge is one of the staff people in the District who are essential to its operations,

    but most people do not know much about her because she quietly goes about her

    job with a tenaciousness that led her supervisor, Sue Casagrand, to nominate her

    for this award. For her tireless work ethic, dedication to accuracy, and helpfulness

    to others, the Board was pleased to award Marge Klein with the Lion’s Pride

    Award for May 2015.