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     Rich Worthington
    February 2015 

    The School Board honored Rich Worthington at its February 2015 Public Board Meeting with the Lion’s Pride Award for his service to the District as an active member of our Safe Schools Committee and for providing assistance to Jennifer Dilks, Principal of Murray Avenue School, as she prepared a flipbook of safety and security measures that will be in every District office and classroom.

    Rich is Lower Moreland Township’s Deputy Coordinator of Emergency Management.  He was able to turn an early interest in public safety into a career in Emergency Management with the help of teachers and mentors along the way. 

    While attending Lower Moreland High School, he volunteered to be a firefighter with the Huntingdon Valley Fire Company at the age of 16.

    He remembers that the teacher would had the most influence on his school career was Mrs. Miller, who was in charge of the A/V Club.  She exhibited trust in the students and gave them responsibility that was Rich’s first taste of what it was like to be in the work world. 

    The next influential person in his academic life was Mr. Walter Kenney, his Protective Service teacher at Eastern Center for Arts and Technology. Mr. Kenney took him aside and told him that he should pursue a Bachelor’s degree if he wanted to advance in his career.  Clearly Mr. Kenney saw leadership potential in Rich. 

    Rich went on to get his Bachelor’s degree from the National Labor College while working for the Lower Moreland Police Department.  He is now working on his Master’s degree in Emergency Management from Walden University, which he expects to receive next year. 

    He is certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Emergency Management and has reached the “Professional” level of that certification, which is the highest tier that can be achieved.   Reaching this level requires 100 hours of online and classroom training.

    His long-term goal is to share the knowledge he has gained with others as an instructor and to mentor them along their path.  To his list of mentors he has to include Fire Marshall Robert Scholly, Jr. and Police Chief Peter Hasson, who have supported his work in Emergency Management.

    In his role as Deputy Coordinator, Rich has given access to the Knowledge Center for Incident Management Program to our school district, the only district in Montgomery County to have access.  It has been an invaluable source of information about road and weather conditions in the Township.   

    In his work with Jen Dilks on the flipbook, he sometimes consults his mother, a retired teacher with the School District of Philadelphia to get her perspective on what teachers would think or do in a certain situation.  

    In his spare time, Rich collects antiques, particularly Japanese woodblock prints, continuing a collection passed on to him by his late father.          

    When I asked Rich about his most rewarding experience, he said it has to be his participation on the District’s Safe Schools Committee and watching it grow and deepen in its mission over time.  He has been an integral part of that Committee’s work and its growth. 

    For that reason and for his service to the Lower Moreland Township School District, the Board of School Directors is very pleased to honor Rich Worthington with the Lion’s Pride Award for February 2015.