• byod skinny
    To enhance the education of its students, the Lower Moreland Township School District provides students access to its Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) wireless network and the option of utilizing personally-owned devices. The purpose of this website is to ensure that students and their parents recognize the limitations that the School District imposes on the use of personally-owned devices when they are used at school in conjunction with the wireless network.

    Technology is deeply tied to the mission of the Lower Moreland Township School District.  We believe in teaching the skills needed to be responsible, productive and resourceful citizens in both the physical and digital world.  Some of these skills can best be accomplished on devices already owned by the students.  Our current board policies outline acceptable use (AUP) of technology within the walls of the school  as well as allow students to bring their own devices into the classroom (Electronic Devices Policy).   The following are guidelines and reminders of policy as students move forward with BYOD.
    1. Student use of a personally-owned device must support the instructional activities currently occurring in the school environment.
    2. Student use of personally-owned devices in the classroom will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher.  Students should be aware that the use of mobile devices could cause distraction for others. Classroom teachers may prohibit, restrict, or regulate use of personally-owned devices.
    3. Students must register their device to use the BYOD wireless in accordance with the AUP and the Electronic Device policy. The District will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of connecting to the BYOD wireless network or any electrical power source.
    4. The District is granting access to its wireless network.  Under no circumstances may a student connect to the wired network.
    5. The School District will not be held responsible in any capacity for physical or digital damage*, loss or theft of any personally-owned device. 
    6. The parents and/or guardians of any student bringing personal technology to school are responsible for and will be held liable for any damage that their child may cause through the use of the BYOD wireless network with his/her personally-owned device.
    7. Student devices with camera and video capability can be used only for educational use under the authority of the teacher and must not be used to impinge upon the privacy of students and staff.
    8. The District cannot provide technical assistance to personal devices beyond giving advice. Printing services will not be available for personal devices. The students and parents are responsible for installing any updates, software or virus definitions.
    9. Students who bring devices to school are responsible to make sure they are charged. The district will consider adding charging stations when necessary.
    10. Students are required to view the video on the policies which is online.  Parents are encouraged to work with their children through this video to allow for a thorough understanding of the policy.