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Student of the Month

September 2016
6th Grade-  Joseph Commentucci and Clare O'Donnell
7th Grade-  Brian Hegedus and Gopiga Dass
8th Grade-  Jaylin Wilson and Riley Hesbacher  
October 2016
6th Grade- Samuel Mathew and Isabella Ricciardi
7th Grade-  Corey Licht and Lea Silverman
8th Grade-  Timothy Ju and Fernanda Gushi
November 2016
6th Grade-  Andrew Wang and Elizabeth Neeld
7th Grade-  Thomas Kupper and Ilana Hausen
8th Grade-  Fareh Dahabreh and Samantha Himmelstein
December 2016
6th Grade- Samuel Morris and Isabella Magazzeni
7th Grade- Tyler Scolnick and Kathleen Chen
8th Grade- Billy Qiu and Sara Matraku
 January 2017
6th Grade-  Timothy Kim and Mia Karros
7th Grade-  Kevin Abraham and Zoe Karros
8th Grade-  Ethan Mondock Green and Phoebe Lynch
February 2017
6th Grade- Nicholas Ahn and Sara Frankel
7th Grade- Alex Silverman and Ava Lee
8th Grade- Kyle Stone and Rebecca Cohen
March 2017
6th Grade- 
7th Grade- 
8th Grade- 
April 2017
6th Grade- 
7th Grade- 
8th Grade-
May 2017
6th Grade- 
7th Grade- 
8th Grade-
June 2017
6th Grade- 
7th Grade- 
8th Grade-