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    please register at your earliest convenience.
    When all required forms/documentation (outlined in Section I below) are ready, 
    you may schedule your appointment.
    Please call 215-938-0220, ext. 2164 or email:  

    Click here for an easy to use Registration Checklist 
    (Please bring this checklist to the registration appointment to verify all has been completed.)

    Welcome to Lower Moreland!  
    Thank you for choosing Lower Moreland Township School District as your child's educational home.
    We are honored you are entrusting us with your child, and will work hard every day to maintain that trust. 
    We truly believe our parents are partners with us in educating the whole child and look forward to working with you.

    You are applying for admission of your child to attend school in the Lower Moreland Township School District. Student Registration forms can be downloaded from the website or obtained from the Central Registration office.  Once all necessary registration forms, health forms and residency documents are completed, please call 215-938-0220, x2164 or email to schedule an appointment.  After you have completed registering with the Central Registration Office, you will be given a RegistratIon Approval Letter and will need to make an appointment at your child's school by calling one of the following numbers: 
    student   Pine Road - 215-938-0290
      Murray Avenue - 215-938-0230
      High School - 215-938-0220

    At this appointment, you will be required to bring the approval letter, required health forms, and most recent transcripts and grades.  During this appointment you may meet with your child's counselor and be making decisions about appropriate courses.  It may be helpful if your child attends the appointment as well.
    The information provided in LMTSD Policy No. 200, No. 201 and below will guide you through the registration process.  To register for kindergarten, children must be five years of age before September 1st.  Kindergarten registration will take place at Pine Road elementary school during the scheduled Kindergarten registration period.  Please call Pine Road School for an appointment: 215-938-0290.  For additional information about Kindergarten registration, Click Here
    To be eligible for first grade enrollment, children should be six years of age before August 31st. A child may be admitted early to first grade if the child demonstrates readiness for entry by the first day of the school term, upon the written request of the parent/guardian, recommendation of the school psychologist, and approval of the Superintendent. 

    Admission of Nonresident students shall be in accordance with LMTSD Policy No. 202.
    Registration Forms – Registration will not be accepted without providing ALL required forms/documents.
    • Parent/Guardian photo ID is required when registering a student (current driver’s license, government issued photo or Passport), and a copy of spouse's driver's license if he/she will not attend the registration meeting.
      • If separated or divorced, his/her license is not required, but you must bring paperwork showing who has physical custody. 
        • If court documentation is not available, please bring a parental agreement stating where your child will be living the majority of the time. This statement must be signed by both biological parents and notarized.
    • STUDENT REGISTRATION PACKET includes the following forms:
    • PROOF OF STUDENT BIRTH DATEDocumentation of age requirement for admission may be satisfied by: 
          -Original birth certificate or duly attested transcript of the birth certificate
    • MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY FORM - (if applicable) It is necessary to bring the notarized multiple occupancy form to registration if parent/guardian does not own or lease property in Lower Moreland Township School District but resides with a Lower Moreland Township School District resident on a full-time basis. Property owner and multiple occupant (parent/guardian) must each provide three current proofs of address. Form must be notarized.
    • THREE PROOFS OF RESIDENCY – Under Sections 1301 and 1302 of the PA School Code, Lower Moreland Township School District requires that proof of residency is verified before a student can be registered in our schools.  Owning property and payment of property taxes in Lower Moreland Township School District does not automatically fulfill the residency clause as stated in the Pennsylvania School Code  The following shall be used to verify residency:
        • Property deed, most recent property tax bill, or notarized residential lease 
          • The lease must contain your landlord's telephone number, list your child(ren) as occupants, and include the page where both you and the landlord have signed.
          • Agreements of Sale must show a settlement date. Please note that you will be required to produce settlement papers or the deed after settlement.  If you do not occupy the home by the child(ren)'s first day of school, the family must pay tuition as per School Board Policy #202. 

      PLUS 2 additional items that can include:

      § Internal Revenue Statement § Voter Registration Card
      § Insurance Statement § Vehicle Registration
      § Letter from Employer (if not self-employed) § Welfare Card
      § Bank Statement § Utility Activation or Billing Statement
      § Billing Statement

        • Parents of students with IEPs should bring the most recent IEP and Evaluation Report to the registration appointment.
        • It is also recommended that parents bring student academic records such the last two year's final report cards, any standardized testing reports, and the transcript, if available.
      Thank you, and welcome to Lower Moreland Township School District!


      Once the parent/guardian receives a Registration Approval Letter from Central Registration, parents will need to schedule an appointment with the school.  The Central Registrar will forward the required health forms and academic records to the school to be reviewed.  The School will review the student's academic records and arrange for placement testing.  Although a Registration Approval letter has been issued at this time, the registration process is not complete until the school has all school information on file.  (Additional forms may be required by the school.) 

      When you originally registered your child(ren) in Lower Moreland Township School District, you were required to provide proof of your residency in Lower Moreland Township. If you move within Lower Moreland Township School District, you must provide proof of residency for your new address. 
      When there is a  CHANGE OF ADDRESS/INFORMATION within the district, parents/guardians must schedule an appointment with Central Registration within two weeks to present these items:
      • parent/guardian photo ID
      • deed, recent LM tax bill or notarized lease
        • Residential lease must be notarized, contain your landlord's telephone number, list your child(ren) as occupants, and include the page where both you and the landlord have signed..
      • two other proofs of residency
      • If parents do not reside in the same home, you will also need to show court custody agreement (or) a notarized parental custody agreement
      • Multiple Occupancy form (if applicable)
      Please be aware that your child(ren)'s address and bus transportation cannot be changed until new proof of residency is received and verified.


      KINDERLINKS (before and after school program) 
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