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Academic DecathlonOverview
Art ClubOverview
S. Elfstrom
Asian Club      OverviewE. Stroup
Asian CulturesOverviewL. Leong
Buddy ProgramOverviewL. McCaffery
Chess ClubOverviewT. Beck
Concert Band
OverviewE. Stroup
Concert Choir
OverviewS. Lee
Choir (Honors - Varsity Group)
OverviewS. Lee
Debate ClubOverviewH. Montaigne
Drama Club
OverviewL. (Henry) Abramson
Fall Drama
OverviewL. (Henry) Abramson
FBLAOverviewD. Park
French ClubOverviewM. Bailis
Freshman Class Officers
OverviewT. Legendre-Wingen
German ClubOverviewM. Stiles
Interact ClubOverviewDr. Nelson
Jazz Ensemble
OverviewE. Stroup
Jewish Student Union (JSU)   OverviewRabbi Levy
Junior Class Officers
Literary MagazineOverviewE. Mont
Mock TrialOverviewJ. Haldeman
Music ConnectionOverview
T. Church
Newspaper (Lion's Roar)OverviewL. Leong
News Studio
OverviewG. Pezza/S. Baron
National Honor Society 

S. Oechslin

Pep Band
OverviewE. Stroup
Ping Pong ClubOverview
Senior Class Officers
OverviewA. Tamaccio
Science ClubOverviewD. Meyers
Spanish ClubOverviewP.Beichert/ J.Lincow
SADDOverviewJ. Beck
Student Council
TASC   OverviewDr. Nelson
OverviewJ. Haldeman
World Affairs CouncilOverviewL. Leong
YearbookOverviewL. Leong


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