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Art Education

Artloop: an all-purpose web site, with the capacity to search out info on paintings and artists, and more-- current exhibitions, art news, teaching guides--neat stuff!!

Art Tales: Telling Stories with Wildlife Art

The Josyln Art Museum-virtual Curriculum is really neat-great ideas:

The Getty Museum shares its resources on art ed:

The DeYoung Museum of San Francisco creates lessons on American and Aftican art:

The Heard Museum lists resources on Native American culture and art:


Princeton On-Line

An excellent and amazing source for art and kids!!

National Endowment for the Humanities Web Site:

When you get the home page, click on arts and culture, then use their navigator to narrow down the choices.


Art Web Sites

This is a mega monster search engine, with literally thousands of art ed and art history links. You can spend a lifetime here.

The Kennedy Center Arts Edge

This is a site you have to sift through, but the bios of selected artists are wonderful.


This site takes you directly to the children's section or lesons sections of major American museums.

Maryland State Website for Art Ed

This is another major search engine for art ed stuff-includes lots of lesson plans.


Sanford Art: A lifetime of Color

And more. This site looks like it was designed for kids, but it is great for adults. There is a play art games link especially for children.

Art Class Web Resources

A engine to 56 other web sites. Some are already listed here. Others look promising.

Articulation Principles of Design

Really good site for explaining the elements of art. It is meant for high school students, but will be very helpful to us.Too hard for K-6 to wade through.

Greenwich School's Art Engine

This has some interesting sites no one else has.


Here an A-Z engine of kid friendly art sites--some of which are under

REALLY NEAT ART PAGESunder the Courier and Scribe link on our AGTS home page

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