Potential members and already active AGTS volunteers:



If you wish to volunteer, or if you have a suggestion for making AGTS run more smoothly, if you need help in solving a problem, or if you need more information about a particular issue, here are the officers to contact:


·        Potentials-for help in locating an AGTS chapter near you; Members-for general policy issues and problems, our President:


·        For speakers, lectures,  and meeting place suggestions or questions, our Vice-President:

·        For financial information, our treasurer:



·        For dues payments, our  treasurer:


·        For portfolio prints and portfolio issues, our portfolio chair: ,

·        For porfolio reference materials, our asst. portfolio chair:
For info on supplements, our asst. portfolio chair:   

·        ( or you can also check out the art reference link on  our web site)

·        For newsletter articles, contributions, and suggestions, our newsletter editor:

·        For web page contributions and suggestions, our web page editor:

·        For new chapter development, our outreach chair;

For grant suggestions and information: 
For Facebook  help and information: 


Last Modified on June 25, 2013