Elizabethan Diaries
A Day in London
(Based on a WebQuest created by John McIlvain)
 Introduction ~In this quest, you will become a resident of Elizabethan London. The guided research you will do will prepare you to write a detailed account of one day in your life.

Task ~ You are between 12 and 21 years old and you live in London in 1592-1604. It is summer and you decide you need to go see one of the latest Shakespeare plays. Your task is to write a diary entry for this day. In the entry you should allude to or indicate your age, marital and social status (noble person, poor, merchant class, etc.), occupation (if appropriate), religion (if relevant), level of learning and other information you feel is important for us to imagine your character.

Part I: Webhunt ~ Search the Internet for the following information about yourself ~
(A worksheet will be given out in class for you to complete)
How much education did you receive?
What were you taught?
What is your religion?
What play by Shakespeare do you go to see?
What actor in the company is your favorite actor?
What other Shakespeare plays might you have been able to see?
How are you dressed when you attend the play?
How much did you pay for your ticket?
Where did you sit?
What did you dine on before going to the play?
What did you drink?
A number of your friends chose to spend the afternoon seeing another kind of entertainment, What was it?
Who ruled England at the time?
 Resources ~ these are recommended starting points. Please share your own site discoveries with the class.
Life in Elizabethan London: A compendium of knowledge  http://elizabethan.org/compendium/home.html
Elizabethan Period Costumes http://www.renfaire.com/Costume/
The Collected Works of William Shakespeare http://www.dlhoffman.com/publiclibrary/Shakespeare/by-year.html

Have fun!  Refer to worksheet for directions on Part II: diary entry.

Last Modified on January 12, 2015