"I do not want my home to be walled in on all sides and my
windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my
house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my
feet by any." --Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)
Helpful Writing and Grammar Websites:
(the rest can be easily accessed through these links) 
Print out the following after viewing ALL of the School House videos and taking notes:
Come to see me if you are still confused by any of these.
Tues 9/4: Letter due on Tuesday, September 10.
Mon 9/9: Letter due tomorrow.  
Tues 9/10: Give a two to three sentence response to discussion questions.
Wed 9/11: Vocabulary handout due tomorrow.
Finish questions on Antigone.
Thurs: 9/12: Vocabulary quiz tomorrow.
Monday:9/16     Paragraph on tragic hero due Wed.
Tues: 9/17 Paragraph on tragic hero due tomorrow.
Wed: 9/18: Vocab on Romeo and Juliet due Friday. Write sentences with # 1-20.
Fri: 9/20:
Mon: 9/23: Vocabulary quiz on words 1-20 due on Wednesday. Write sentences with words 21-40.
Thursday 9/27: answer questions through Act 1 scene 4.
9/28: Writing reflection handout due on Monday. 10 points!!
9/30: Study for test on Wednesday:  Vocabulary 1-40 and Act 1 Romeo and Juliet
9/30: Study for test on Wednesday:  Vocabulary 1-40 and Act 1 Romeo and Juliet
10/1: Grammar packet on parts of speech due Thursday.
10/2: Grammar packet due Thursday.
10/3: Read Act 2, Scene 2 and complete Study Guide. BBC video links are posted above.
10/7: Write sentences for the rest of the SAT vocabulary words for R and J (41-62). Extra grammar information and worksheets linked above. Please print out and work on if you have consistent problems with parts of speech. You will be responsible for knowing these for midterms. Please see me to review after school or during your free periods if you are still confused by these.
10/8: Make sure that you are working on your monologues. Due, totally memorized, on October 24th. Check out the BBC links above to help further your understanding of your monologue and the play.
10/9:  Study your lines!
10/16: Complete up to date study guide.
10/17: Complete up to date study guide.
 10/18: Use your literary term sheet to find examples of  alliteration through hyperbole. You should quote the actual lines ex. "it is the east and Juliet is the sun" (2. 3. 8-25)
Make sure that you use parenthetical citations.
10/21: Study guide should be up to date!
10/22: Bring in money for Romeo and Juliet fieldtrip next week. Monologues are moved so that you can "study" delivery style at the movies! Monologues are 10/31.
10/23: Practice monologues. Study guide should be up to date! Make sure to bring money and permission slip for field trip.
10/24: Make sure that study guide is up to date.
10/27: Complete Act 4 and 5 on Study Guide.
10/28: Keep working on monologues. They are due October 31st!
10/29: Your act and scene handout is due on Monday, Nov. 4th. Monologues.
10/30: Monologues due tomorrow. Remember that you should bring in a prop. (some symbol for your character). You should be able to explain the situation in which the monologue occurs. Practice delivering your speech with expression.
10/31; Your scene handout is due on Monday.
11/1: Bring in scene handout Monday for discussion. Timeline for Romeo and Juliet due on Monday.
Test on Romeo and Juliet will be November 7th.
11/7: Bring in book tomorrow. We will work on quotes for in-class essay on Monday, November 11th.
11/8: Bring in R and J book for Monday. In class essay test. You will be able to use your text.
11/13: Complete Candide vocabulary for homework.
11/15: Complete Candide annotations. Make sure that you are answering questions and annotating thoroughly!
Due on Monday.
11/17: GRIPE chart.
11/19: Finish reading Candide.
11/20: Social poems due on Thursday.
11/22: Quest on Monday: Candide. Know satire chart: GRIPE. Review characters and theme. Study Candide vocabulary. Social poem is due on Tuesday.
11/25: Social poem due on Tuesday.
12/2: Essay reflection due tomorrow. (If you were absent, you can get the reflection handout and your essay tomorrow).
12/3: Write sentences with words from chapters 1-5 in packet. Sentences should be at least 7 or 8 words long.
12/4: Study keystone literary packet page 1 and 2 for quiz on Friday.
12/5: Study keystone literary packet page 1 and 2 for quiz on Friday.
12/6:Vocabulary quizlet on words Chapter 1-5 in TFA on Monday. Keep up with study guide questions for TFA.
12/9: Write sentences through Chapter 11.
12/13: Read through chapter 5 for Tuesday. Answer study guide questions. Be prepared for quiz.
12/15: Keep up with your study guide.
12/17: Make sure that you are up to date on reading. Reread if need be!
12/18: Read and answer questions up to Chapter 7. Make sentences through vocabulary n Chapter 15 due Friday.
12/19: Make sentences with vocabulary words through chapter 20.
12/20: Quest on Chapters 1-8, Vocabulary 1-15. Keystone definitions (on tan paper) pages 4 and 5. (Words dialect through first person).   Friday, January 3rd.
Make sure that you study your study guide and characters!
1/2: Read chapters 9 and 10 in TFA for Monday, January 6th!
1/6: Start working on study guide for exams. Chapter 11!
1/7: Answer the following prompt in a paragraph: Explain what the scene with Agbala, Ezinma, Ekwefi and Okonkwo illustrates about the culture and about the relationships?
1/8: Keep up with your Study Guide.
1/10: Extra credit due Monday: Write a page describing Ezuedu's sons funeral.
1/13: Read Chapter 18 and take notes. Dialectical journals due Wednesday. One for part 1 and one for part 2. Dialectical Journal Template
1/14: Dialectical journals due Wednesday. One for part 1 and one for part 2. Dialectical Journal Template
Answer questions on Study Guide through chapter 20 (TFA).
1/16: Finish TFA and Study Guide. Make sure that you are studying for your exam!
1/17: Study for exam.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches
1/31: Finish practice outline for Monday.
Bring Things Fall Apart for Tuesday essay.
2/6: Trial prep
2/9-2/12: Work on trial and creative projects!
2/21: Read The Epic of Gilgamesh selection in your text book. You should be prepared for a quiz on this reading for Monday. There are questions in the back of the book. You can answer these questions and bring them in for quiz (not mandatory). You may need to read this work over several times as it does have a somewhat complex story line. You can also bring in your own notes--not information typed or copied from the internet! 
The only way you will improve in your reading comprehension skills is if you actually practice reading texts that are dense.
We will go over all of this thoroughly before it will be on a test.  Persevere!!
3/3: Finish your Venn diagram comparing the Gilgamesh story of the flood to the Noah story of the flood. You should have at least 6 points in each of the three categories.
3/4: Make sure that you are starting research on your Biblical allusion. Look over the rubric carefully. Your rough draft will be due in class this Friday for editing and your final draft and presentation will be due on Monday, March 10.
Make sure that your allusion is not merely a retelling of the story. For example a movie about Noah and the Flood would not be an appropriate allusion to the story. An allusion to Hurricane Katrina as a flood of Biblical proportions would be an allusion to the story of Noah and the flood. (it is a reference that deepens our understanding of the severity of the floods during Hurricane Katrina).  
Complete Grammar with Gilgamesh!
3/5: Work on allusion project! 
3/9: Allusion Projects
3/10: Allusion Projects
3/12: Read Parables on pages 199-203 (in text) and answer all questions on p. 103.
Complete dangling modifier exercise on page 207. 
3/13: Open book test on Monotheistic religions and Gilgamesh on Tuesday.  
3/14: Organize your notes for open book test on Gilgamesh and monotheistic religions.
Complete review handout for Monday.  
3/15: Bring notes and textbook to class tomorrow for open book test.
3/18: Read Mahbharata and answer questions.
3/21: Read up to page 23 in Climbing the Stairs
3/24: Read through page 46 in Climbing the Stairs.
3/25: Finish reading Jataka Tales. Find example of Enlightened One, a moral for the tale and the connection to the Eightfold Path.  
3/26: Finish vocabulary word list for CTS for tomorrow. Quiz on Jataka Tales and vocabulary on Friday.
3/27: Quiz on Jataka Tales and vocabulary on Friday. Read through "The Idiot" in Climbing.
3/28: Read through page 63 in Climbing for Monday. Make sure that you are all up-to-date on your questions.
3/31: Read through page 77 and answer questions. Study for Keystone terms on pages 5, 6, 7 and 8 for Thursday, April 3rd!
4/1:  Study for Keystone terms on pages 5, 6, 7 and 8 on handout for Thursday, April 3rd! REad up to page 106 in Climbing. Make sure that you are up to date with questions. 
4/2: Study for Keystone terms on pages 5, 6, 7 and 8 for tomorrow! Finish the literary term handout.
4/4:Read through page 152 and answer questions. The entire book and questions will be due on Tuesday. We will then do a thorough review.
You will have class time to continue reading on Monday.  
4/9: Quest on Climbing the Stairs on Wednesday 
4/21: Finish "Crackling Day" and answer questions. 
4/23: Reflection on Apartheid in "Crackling Day".  
4/26: Sizwe Bansi is Dead questions 1-7.
4/28: Sizwe questions through 19.
4/29: Finish questions for Sizwe and complete packet.
4/30: Start studying for Sizwe Bansi/ Kaffir Boy quest for Tuesday. You should be able to write effective sentences with the vocabulary words. 
5/1: Quest (40 points) on Sizwe Bansi and Kaffir Boy. Kaffir Boy excerpt due with complete questions on Friday.
5/2:  Soweto poetry.
5/6: Soweto poetry analysis 
5/8: Soweto poetry analysis quizlet.  
5/12: Read and answer questions: Chapters 1-2 in TKR.
5/13: Make sure that you read through chapter 4 in TKR. Answer questions and fill out character chart.
5/15: Reader Response #1 due on Monday. Keep on track with questions in study guide.
5/16: Reader Response due Monday. Answer study guide questions through chapter 7. 
5/20: Write sentences with words from chapters 1-4. Sentences should be at least 7-8 words long.
5/21:  Reader Responses due Thursday. Read chapter 9 in TKR and answer questions.
5/22: Read chapter 10 in TKR and answer questions. 
5/23: Read through chapter 13 and answer questions. Write sentences with vocabulary words 5-7. Extra credit work will be due on Wednesday,  May 28th. Book club discussion meetings will be June 3 and June 4. 
 5/27: Write sentences with vocabulary 8-12. Read chapter 14 and answer questions. Reader Response #3 due tomorrow.
5/28: Read chapter 15 and answer questions. Vocabulary quiz on chapters 1-12 on vocabulary on Thursday. 
5/29: Read chapters 16 and 17 and summarize the information in one complete paragraph.
5/30: Read chapters 18 and 19 and answer questions in Study Guide.
 6/2: Read chapter 20 and answer questions. Finish vocabulary sentences. You should complete all of them for Tuesday. 
6/5: Start studying for your exam. Make sure that you complete your study guide. 
6/6: Finish chapter 23 and study guide. 
6/9: Finish novel and study guide.  
6/10: In class essay tomorrow. You may use your own book and your own notes! 
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